15 Free Anime Streaming Sites For Anime Series (Updated)

Known for their colorful graphics and lively characters, they have become very much popular in every nook and corner of the world. The booming prosperity of anime has made people a diehard follower of them. It’s obvious that anime streaming sites are the only way to watch anime online. There are hell lot of anime websites but only few of them are legal.  Well, if you are a diehard anime fan, you will accept the fact that it is not possible to watch anime on TV every time. The last episode you missed may account for dismay in the next episode. Spare us those frequent advertisements and odd timings, watching anime on TV turns a nightmare.

Well, there’s a solution to the issue. Guess what? You can watch anime online, that too completely free of cost!  Though the user can always download anime but watching them is a better option as there are lots of legal anime websites. Let’s have a look at these top free anime websites to watch dubbed and subbed anime in English without any registration as many anime fans have requested us to compile a list.

Free Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Dubbed & Subbed Anime

1. Crunchyroll

anime streaming site crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the most readily updated dubbed anime streaming sites. With anime updates initiating almost every hour, this website ensures you never miss out on the latest episode. The website built is really interactive with a  slideshow of recent uploads and popular titles. Crunchyroll possesses several classifications on the basis of anime, drama, and pop videos, additionally, you can sort the listings on the basis of updated ones, alphabetical order or the most popular category.

This service is free for limited content while a minimal fee is charged for streaming High Definition content right to your desktop, with an assured AD-free seamless experience. Apparently, this website wins the debate owing to its really vast database and user-interface.

2. Animelab

Watch anime online on animelab

Animelab is again a legal site to watch anime online that operates only in New Zealand & Australia. The basic feature of the site is accessible to all audiences while the premium plan comes with full access to anime series in subbed and dubbed versions. All the anime title featured in tile format mentions the subbed or dubbed version

The best fact about this anime site is that it streams some of the most popular animes for free. Also, if you love to watch dubbed anime then you need to get a premium version.  The premium plan is worth your buy as the library is rich and also you are supporting the anime community too. With paying few bucks per month, Animelab offers the best of anime series & drama in the highest quality you can get.

3. ShareTV

watch anime on sharetv

This isn’t like any other anime website but one can surely watch anime via ShareTV. ShareTV is much like a search engine that lists the place you can watch content on. You can even watch content on its platform. It’s a hub of various movies, TV series, and anime. It offers premium original series, complete seasons, latest episodes, and primarily, the diet for your anime fever. Simply open TV shows and choose the anime genre. This drill expands all the anime shows sharetv has aggregated.

You can easily explore the site for your favourite anime. Additionally, you can search Korean dramas, or the most popular anime, based on the critic, and other filters All you need to do is insert the name of the title, and dive into the immersive world of the genre.

4. Because

Screenshot of because

It’s not an anime website but a search engine where you can search for your favourite anime for no extra charge. We always wonder where we could find the anime series online, this is where because.moe comes into play. The simple single page web crawler searches for the input given by users to match & find out the series name and platform it’s available.

The search crawler works in four countries including the US, CA, AU & UK. While searching for any anime, the output result displays paid & free platforms. For frequent updates & information, one can follow the official twitter fan page. While searching for dubbed anime, I found multiple free platforms where the title is free to stream.

5. TubiTV

tubitv anime collection

With over 7,439 titles, TubiTV has emerged as one of the fastest-growing ad-supported streaming app and web portals. Looking at these names you might have already guessed that TubiTV offers streaming of popular movies as well as TV shows. To boot, its obviously on this list because they also feature a few anime titles and add more titles on a weekly basis. That said, anime is not really the main focus of the service so check it out only if you’re someone who likes a healthy mix of content under one roof.

The high point of Tubi TV is that it is absolutely free of cost while being 100% legit. Currently, it is supported by Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Chromecast, Tivo, iOS, and Android devices. Ultimately, TubiTV is backed by an incredibly smooth and snappy interface that you’d surely fall in love with.

6. ConTV

Contv anime website

Watch anime online on a tight budget and forget about legality? Well, Contv is quite a decent website that is totally free and is accessible from all over the globe. However, it is important to note that the content availability may differ from one region to another due to distributing restrictions. That said, you get comic, anime movies, tv shows, and live tv. The layout of the site looks stunning and all major links are mentioned at the header menu itself. Watch anime shows to movies to Korean drama to comedy specials to indie films to documentaries. Though it does not have as vast device support as the other two services mentioned above, you can access the Contv app through iOS and Android devices. For me, the comic section is the selling point of this website.

7. Hulu

Hulu is among a few of the anime websites that have got a good collection of anime shows. Being a paid platform, it has maintained the standards that are higher than every other anime website listed here. Anyone who behaves like a freak when it comes to watching anime shows would acknowledge this beautiful website. Hulu has already begged channels like Crunchyroll, Funimation to revamp their anime collection. The people working on this website have done a commendable job by making the browsing functions of this website smooth and amazing. You can all anime shows, movies, and TV shows for $5.99/month. You can also avail of a one-month free trial before actually buying the subscription.

8. 9Anime.biz

This is one of the ultimate free anime streaming sites to watch HD English dubbed anime online. Find the latest anime dubbed in English and that’s too in HD quality. The best part of this anime site is the request section. An anime freak can easily request for any anime that is not available on their platform.

If you are a native English speaker then finding anime in English is a pretty hard thing. Though you won’t be finding much English anime, something is always better than nothing. For those who are searching for sites like kissanime then 9anime could be a better option. In fact, it’s a better site than kissanime.

9. AnimeXd.me

I’ve been watching anime online for two years and I personally prefer Netflix over all the free anime websites mentioned here. Recently I came across AnimeXd, thanks to one of our readers for suggesting this gem of a platform. The website is equally good as many popular anime platforms with humungous anime collection.  There are more than 30 genres one can explore the anime from.  With the ever trending craze of anime series, this site also lists the entire episodes of ongoing anime series.

With the list option, a user can easily sort and check the anime alphabetically. When compared to anime websites like 9anime or chia, animexd hardly show any ads. The chat available gives an option to chat with anime lovers from all over the world.

10. Kissanime.ru

For all those who are looking for the best anime websites like kissanime, here is Kissanime to the rescue. It enables streaming anime episodes or movies, in varied qualities ranging from 240p to 720p, with that premium, high-definition 1080p. It boasts of a really interactive website with a dedicated section for anime list, cartoon list, manga reading list and watching a drama. Kissanime is top free Anime website of all time to watch anime.

A forum is also hosted on the site, to facilitate discussions for the anime lover community. This website supports HTML5 too, ensuring you never miss your favourite episodes. As soon as you check out anime list, Kissanime makes it easy to figure out dubbed anime by simply looking at the title of anime title. You can also check many free anime Apps for enjoying anime on a go.

11. AnimeSeason.com

Anime Season has evolved constantly to deliver the user-centric experience to its customers. It is one of those unique free anime sites which sort their popular anime list based on user reviews. Well, the most popular anime would be the one with the most number of votes from its supporters. Anime Season boasts of a well-built website with four dedicated sections for feasible diversification of the genre.

The left sidebar of this anime website features all the ongoing series that you can watch. Unlike many other sites, Animeseason has a very less number of advertisements. The algorithm works and figures out the best anime series you can watch on the platform. The intuitive way to recommend users with great content.

12. GoGoANIME.io

GoGoAnime is one of the most popular anime streaming sites to watch anime onlineIt is an anime dedicated website with diversified content across the genre. Be it, manga or video clips, or complete manga movies, it helps you stream the content for free. Guess what? If you don’t like watching it with subtitles on, it also offers the feature of English streaming. You can easily watch English dubbed Anime here. With a recent release grid of the latest titles, it also offers an alphabetical list of the titles, positioning it among the best websites in the genre.

The best part is that they have a separate section for English dubbed anime. You can surf and watch free English dubbed anime online. You just need to copy and paste the above URL into your browser and start watching anime online.

13. Masterani.Me

One of the best free anime websites to watch the latest anime online having lucid design and amazing anime collection. The homepage holds the thumbnails of the recently added anime. While scrolling, we also found the suggestion to binge-watched and a list of popular animes. The dark-colored theme looks dope and amusing, enhancing the experience of watching anime on the Internet. Unlike other anime websites, Materani hasn’t hopped its domain for a while.

Masterani also allows users to track the schedule of upcoming anime series. One can filter and weed out the unwanted anime. The random anime category randomizes all the animes so one can explore as many possible titles. Also, it was amusing to find the option to download anime while playing any anime on Masterani.

14. AnimeHeaven.eu

Watch English dubbed anime or watch any kind of anime online without any Bullshit. Of all the anime websites we recently viewed, every single one of them had a uniqueness to their offerings. Well, Anime Heaven too can be applauded owing to its anime download feature. The header menu clearly mentions the variety of content it has from different categories. Find dubbed, ongoing anime, popular animes, and movies.

So, for the next time, when you plan a long trip and the journey turns out to be tedious, just download your favourite series from AnimeHeaven and start watching anime head out on your venture. The journey will turn out to be a mesmerizing one.

15. AnimeFreak.Tv

Anime Freak maybe not among the prime contenders for its unorganized website and a plethora of ads. Still, the content on this site can’t be ignored. You can find the latest episodes of the anime title of your choice. Additionally, exclusive anime, which isn’t usually available on other anime sites, can be streamed over this website, absolutely, for free. Its archive list is gaspingly vast and beholds the exemplary titles of the genre.

Be it the dubbed versions, or the original episodes, you can find it all on this site. Indeed a good place to watch anime online. Watching manga is one of the few extra features you can unveil as you visit anime freak. The manga section consists of the latest launched manga.

16. chia-anime.tv

This used to be one of the best anime sites like Kissanime, Chia-anime has been an eye candy of animation lovers from all around the world. The database it possesses has a plethora of anime to watch online. The design and feel of the website are similar to kissanime.  You can stream and watch the latest ongoing anime series and watch out the golden treasure from the past.

Being a free anime platform, the site is loaded with tons of ads which makes it quite irritating while watching anime. Even after trying ad-blocker the issue remains the same. I’d choose sites like 9anime, kissanime or masterani instead of such ad-filled junk. Chia-TV is recommended for low-quality(small size) anime series and for users who usually surf the web on low data speed.

17. Animestreams.Tv

Presumably, this is one of the most popular anime streaming sites for the anime fan to watch dubbed anime online. It offers regular content like anime series ranging from original episodes to the dubbed ones. Well, this feature isn’t what makes AnimeUltima stand above the crowds. With several forums, polls and event discussions over this site, it has turned out to be the perfect platform for the online fanatics community.

To facilitate better user experience and participation in the forums, all you need to do is create a free account and start watching anime online to explore the world of anime to its fullest.


The primary drawback of streaming is the hassle of buffering due to slow internet speeds. If you got the modern wifi device that can offer the real piece of data transmission speed, then these anime websites are the treasure for you. Connect your PC or Laptops and plug your earplugs on and watch anime online for free. A perfect anime session is not far away.

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