Is Big Bang Theory On Hulu? (Yes or NO)

Is Big Bang Theory on Hulu? Many Hulu subscribers ask us the same question. So, let address this issue here. The Big Bang Theory or TBBT is an addiction far and wide. The show has a great contribution to many people’s childhoods. Be it the sizzling cast, perfect comedy timing, connecting emotions or the essence of true friendship – the show still tops the list among various age groups. The Ten awesome seasons of the show have been like a completely different journey that walked parallel with the childhood and evolved with the time exactly like it should have been.

So, Big Bang Theory on Hulu?


Hulu offers various CBS shows for the subscribers, but TBBT is one of the premium shows that the online streaming service couldn’t access till the date. But, HULU has given a reason for excitement to the TBBT junkies this January. CBS is the most popular and watched American channel, but it doesn’t let the popular streaming services like Hulu and FireTV to broadcast its shows.

However, NETFLIX broadcasts the CBS shows in some regions and this limited access to CBS’ super awesome shows is really annoying. Recently, HULU was busy in the meetings with CBS owner and planning to stream the top CBS shows like TBBT and 2 Broke Girls in the coming months.

No Big Bang Theory, What Else?

If you are a present HULU subscriber then you already have the access to several CBS shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, 7th Heaven, Beverly Hills 90210, Ghost Whisperer, Webster and so forth. HULU is all set to add pleasure to the entertainment of its subscribers. The subscribers may have to cough up a few more bucks for this new benefit, but everything is fair in love, war, and TBBT access. Isn’t it?

HULU gives you access to many popular shows from big channels like Disney Channel, TBS, TNT, and CNN. CBS is a premium channel that alone offers a viewer a range of sports, entertainment, and learning shows and for that reason, it can be called a complete channel that every streaming service wants in their broadcasted channel list.

Along with this hot The Big Bang Theory news, the live streaming of various channels on HULU Live is also in buzz. Now, imagine the level of fun paying a few more dollars to HULU – it’s beyond any expression. The blend of TBBT with other hot shows available on HULU is surely going to take its popularity to new levels.

Mike Hopkins, the CEO of HULU has admitted the accomplishment of their deal with CBS and generated a positive vibe among the TBBT lovers by saying that HULU will soon stream all time popular CBS shows like TBBT and NCIS.

It’s true that CBS has not let many streaming services leverage its premium show broadcast, but it has always made its popular shows like TBBT and NCIS available on CBS All Access.

Now the people who are fed up of the cable TV experience can expect some world-class entertainment switching to HULU as apart from the TBBT and HULU Live, a lot more surprises are lined up for the subscribers. What’s resisting you from getting in on the act?

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