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Any business involves a great deal of investment. While growth and expansion may incur colossal costs, an excellent customer service will help soothe the financial wounds by boosting sales. Moreover, a superlative before and after sales service aids in trust-building while creating brand awareness and attracting new customers. And a happy customer, almost always, translates into a loyal one!

In the online streaming microcosm, Netflix still rides the herd. But what do you think has gotten Netflix this far? Of course, their content is the main deal, but there something intangible behind it.

Netflix Customer Service  & Support

Aside from a wider reach, an even wider content catalog, and a truly ad-free experience, Netflix’s customer service is impeccable. I’ve been a happy subscriber for a few years now. Although I’ve barely had the need to get in touch with them, the customer service executives were quite adept at resolving my issues.

Unlike cable TV subscription where customers are bound to a contract, subscription-based services allow users to cancel the subscription with just a click of a button. If you’re unhappy, you can discontinue them and switch to a new service almost instantaneously; Netflix understands this. That’s why Netflix cost is quite flexible.

The company recruits extremely experienced professionals who are available 24/7 to help users with bill payment, plan upgrades, and the like. This is augmented with a quick turnaround time and a friendly disposition in general.

Such is the allegiance on part of the customers that as per a survey, 20% of the respondents firmly believe that Netflix would dethrone all the other entertainment platforms.

Ways to Contact Netflix

To cater to a wide segment of the audience, Netflix has made quite a few channels available to get your problems fixed. Let’s take a brief look at Netflix Customer service options:

1. Direct Live Chat

Netflix Customer Service

Instant messaging is not alien to us. We use it everyday to communicate with our friends and family. Owing to the ease of use, time-efficiency, and convenience, most companies have made this feature available under customer service. On Netflix too, you’ll find an option saying “Start Live Chat” on the bottom right in the Help Center section.

You can either choose a common issue that needs resolving or describe your own. The customer service executive will respond within seconds!

Live Chat

 2. Phone Call | Netflix Phone Number

Netflix phone number

If your issue is a bit complicated, live chat may not be an option. Typing out a whole lot of details can be quite a tedious and slow process. Instead, you could simply call up the Netflix customer service number and speak to an executive.

It’s also the best mode of communication for those who like to have a more personal interaction. Find the “Contact Us” button on the bottom of your Netflix home page. It’ll show all the details. If you’re a U.S. based customer, you can use the following numbers –

Netflix Existing Customers: 1-800-585-7265
Netflix New Users: 1-866-579-7172

Note that a few countries do not have the option of calling them on a customer service line directly. In that case, you may use their app on either Android or iOS and dial them up for free.

3. Community

Another way of conveying your grievances to Netflix Customer service would be through the Netflix community. Having said that, a lot of the users use this forum just to stay updated on upcoming services and shows. You can even post a movie/TV series review and share your feedback regarding Netflix’s platform; it could help others.

 4. Social Media

Social media is mighty powerful. Plus, majority of the people spend a major chunk of their time on these platforms. Posting a feedback or a complaint is easier than ever and companies do everything to shield their reputation so you can expect a prompt response and get your problems fixed at the earliest.

Netflix customer service is super active on its support pages. You can either tweet them or post your query on Facebook. However, the former is recommended. Here are the links to their support pages:

 Twitter Facebook


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