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People interested in Hulu are often confused with channel lineup and updated plans it offers. Now we have started featuring channels and shows that are streaming on Hulu right now. So, here comes AMC and yes AMC is on Hulu. As you know, AMC is an American channel under AMC Networks is standing tall today with an unbelievable fan base. The channel found its inception in 2003 with a big name – American Movie Classics. Later, the creators considered shortening the name as the movie stuff was no more relevant to the brand’s identity.

In the ’90s, the channel used to air the contents of the popular production houses like Waner Bro Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, and Universal Studios, but it suddenly started a trend of original series named ‘Remember WENN’ in 1996. Back then, the sky-touching ratings of the television networks like CBS and HBO were crushing AMC’s popularity as they had classy shows that made the complete US populace addicted to them, but AMC was still to come up with something earth-shattering to beat the competition.

Which AMC Shows Can Be Relished on Hulu?

AMC Networks do not allow Hulu to feature all of its premium contents. The TV Network proudly owns its contents and shares a few of its contents with streaming services like Sling TV, DIRECTV Now, PlayStation Vue and NETFLIX. Streaming services like Amazon Prime and Hulu don’t have the authority to feature the top AMC shows like The Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

However, Hulu airs ‘Fear The Walking Dead’, the companion series of The Walking Dead and ‘Feed The Beast’ series owned by AMC Networks.

  1. Dietland.
  2. NOS4A2
  3. Preacher.
  4. The Son.
  5. The Killing.
  6. Lodge 49
  7. The Terror
  8. Feed The Beast.
  9. Fear The Walking Dead.
  10. Dear The Walking Dead Espanol.

The Rise of AMC As A Top Rated Channel

Mad Men paid all the dues of AMC and took its ratings to the sky-high levels winning 16 Primetime Emmy Awards. But, HBO and CBS were already at superior levels and AMC had to run the extra mile to beat that competition. The channel came up with two out of the world shows – Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead which not only made the US audience crazy but added a huge international fan base as well.

The Walking Dead managed to pull over 6 million viewers’ attention in its last episode and that made the tv network a big competition for its peers. Today, AMC is a premium channel for all age groups and it features classy shows of all genres and Originals with exciting stories. Unlike many television networks, AMC never ran in the competition overlooking the quality of content. It has always served premium quality to its audience base and that is the primary reason for its sprawling success in the US.

Finally, in 2007 AMC changed the game with its incredible original drama series – Mad Men. The story circulated around Madison Avenue. Even AMC hadn’t expected the show to break a slew of rating records. The series became viral and everyone appreciated it.

Why is AMC A Big Competition To Its Peers?

The reasons why one looks forward to AMC availability while choosing a streaming service subscription include –

  • Amazing and gripping stories causing slow addiction.
  • The cinema-like quality of the shows.
  • The contents make a viewer visualize a different world and connect firmly with the characters and their lives

AMC may not have churned out a slew of shows like its competitors, but one thing it made sure every time before serving a new concept in front of its audience base that the content must be of splendid quality and the storyline engaging.

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