20+ Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Free (Full Episodes)

Today, most of the people have shifted from watching the shows and serials on the cable networks to streaming free movies and shows at will, anytime and anywhere. While doing, the same one gets a lot of advantages as he gets to watch series online anytime and anywhere. For watching any content on cable television, one has to pay for different channels as well as programs that one does not want to watch. The on-demand streaming excels and gives freedom to watch TV shows online with the best quality one can imagine off.

On the other hand, streaming shows and movies, one can not only have control of their favorite TV shows but also the programs that they want to watch according to their own tastes and preferences. As the netizens love to take content offline to watch them anytime they want, few TV shows websites mentioned here let you download content similar to Netflix and Hotstar. Being versatile in content delivery, one can binge on TV series, movies, and live sports. Watching TV shows online will surely be the future of television as the demand for Live TV streaming is increasing every day.

Websites To Watch TV Shows Online Without Signup

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1. Tubitv

Best site to watch Tv series online

Tubi TV is one of the most popular websites to watch series online just for free. Most of the shows and series are categorized in the greatest genres of all time. Most of the videos that are present on Tubi TV are fresh and new so that the site is kept updated every time. It is to be noted that most of the videos present on the platform come with advertisements. Tubi tv is also among free movie apps that are extremely easy to use and helps the user to watch favorite movies and show in only a few minutes. It is one of the Internet TV Networks which provides users with entertainment just for free.

With it, one can get the chance to escape every claw of the subscription fees. In short, Hollywood Entertainment can be unlocked for free. It provides users with some of the premium TV shows which are unique in their own aspects.

2. Snagfilms

watch tv shows on snagfilms

Snagfilms is also one of the destinations where one can watch TV shows online, series, and serials absolutely for free. The TV shows and series present on the platform are not organized according to their individual genres but are organized in collections. Hence, finding out the TV shows according to one’s choice and preference becomes easier. The options of the video player of the website, help the user to perform the different modifications like controlling the volume, rewinding the fast-forwarding the video.

The quality of the video can be altered and one also gets the option of viewing the content in a full-screen mode. Using the app of Snagfilms is also easy to use. With the signing, one can get a list of recommendations from which the user can get an idea of what to watch.

3. Crackle

Watch your favorite show on crackle

Being one of the favorites of the viewers for enjoying online content, Crackle is an online streaming site providing the viewers with original programs of tv shows and series to the users. It also provides its viewers with some of the most popular TV shows absolutely for free. The selection of tv shows and series are really awesome and one also gets to enjoy a great video quality which is one of the reasons why the users keep coming back to it.

The TV shows and series that are streamed free on Crackle includes the genres of anime, comedy, crime, sci-fi, adventure, and action. Also, full-length TV shows are available on the website. One of its major attractions is the few Crackle series that are original and one does not get the chance of viewing them anywhere else.

4. Hotstar

hotstar content about shows

Hotstar is a notable website to watch TV shows and movies online. It is basically an Indian entertainment website which has gained immense popularity and recognition since 2015. It has picked up such a great amount of prominence among Indian youth that on the off chance that they miss live TV shows or other TV programs they can simply view the existing episodes or TV series on Hotstar. Simply sign in with your points of interest and appreciate this site.

It is a diversion channel, which is possessed by Star India Pvt. Ltd. Hotstar contains TV appears, sports occasion, motion pictures, and so on in its basin list. It is a total bundle that has just picked up fame among various individuals all around the world.

5. Popcornflix

popcornflix featured shows

This is one of the popular and free platforms to watch series online from different genres. Popcornflix provides the user with a lot of free tv shows and episodes from different genres that they can enjoy without actually logging in into the account. The quality of video provided by the platform is of the regular quality and not of high definition.

Some of the video player options that are available on the platform are video scrubbing, a button for full screen and volume control. With the help of screen mode, one can avoid all the distractions and get immersed in what one is watching.

6. Hulu

hulu websites shows

Hulu is a paid platform but house some of the best TV shows you can watch.  Hulu provides the users with a variety of multimedia content to the users with the experience of Live TV with many Hulu channels lineups like AMC, ABC, CBS, Food Network, Disney, Cartoon Network, and many more. It is one of the best sites to watch TV shows online and the users get to enjoy the full seasons and episodes of all shows that are available on the platform. Although a paid service, the platform does offer its users a lot of free content and one can enjoy quality videos even on the mobiles. The Hulu comes with two plans based on the content you watch to access.

7. Yahooview

yahoo view TV shows library

This has been one of the most important on-demand video services which have been serving the users with its unremarkable and original web series. It is a one-stop destination for international dramas and anime. One can enjoy watching the full seasons of all their favorite shows. One of its attractive features is the recent clips of the episodes that have been aired recently. With the ongoing aired TV series, Yahoo view also an amazing platform to watch anime online which is available free for users living in the US.

Although one can watch series online without any interruption still a lot can be improved. But for many users, the long advertisement is a major drawback of Yahooview.

8. Viewster

viewster channel

Viewster is one of the famous websites for watching TV shows and series of high quality. This multimedia directory is quite easy to use as it is connected to 3000 video sites. The site does not itself host any shows but does provide the users with important links to a wide selection of multimedia content.

The resource provides the users either with the individual content that the user is looking for or site which originally has the content. All the sites that are present in the search directory of the site are reviewed editorially for content and quality. This, in turn, helps the users to get an assurance of the links that will provide them with quality content.

9. ShareTV

ShareTV website

ShareTV is one of the online communities which allows the users in keeping a track of all the TV shows and series that are to be broadcast along with their timings. HULU.com is the distribution partner of ShareTV and this helps the viewers to enjoy the full length-episodes that can be viewed anytime online. The site consists of various pages that have been set up for all the TV shows and series along with the photos, episode guides, and discussion boards.

The site has gained the major popularity by the contributions made by all the members of ShareTV for showing the content. One gets to enjoy streaming their favorite shows and series on the platform. With the help of the scheduling, character guides along with the television episodes just for free can provide the users with proper guidance for viewing the TV shows and series.

10. Sidereel

sidereel TV series tracking

The platform provides the users with a variety of TV shows and series with all their episodes absolutely for free. Besides viewing the content, the users can also share their favorite content among their friends and the discussion forums on the website help the viewers in rating the shows. Sidereel is a site to get a recommendation and place where you can watch series online and the latest HD shows.

With sidereel, one can track the upcoming TV shows, find schedule and calendar. The synopsis and user reviews about series make it easy to get a fair idea about the listed TV show. The website also provides all the streaming platform where you can watch the show.

11. Youtube

youtube orginal TV shows


It is one of the most important online websites which helps the users to stream the multimedia content for free and one can simply sign in for enjoying the mature content. It is much more than viewing a traditional TV but it does have room for much more improvement. As more TV channels are airing their content on Youtube, it’s now quite easy to access and watch series on youtube for free.

With the flood of web series all over the world, Youtube has almost all recent series that you can watch anytime. Production houses have started rolling out the series on youtube rather than on any paid platform. Indeed, youtube is one of our top picks to watch TV shows online completely free.

12. Watchepisodes4.com

This site is listed low as this ain’t a site to stream & watch shows but a site to download. One of the best of its type with the largest library you will ever come across. The black-colored theme with a tinge of pink looks pleasing to the eyes. If you ever wondered for a place to get Full-length series then this TV series website should be your first choice.  If you are more into series than movies than you can track the full schedule of upcoming shows.

The right sidebar of the site features the trending series that people are loving. This is a great way to find what people are watching. Usually, the top trending series is good to watch. The most watch section help in finding the most-watched series today. It one of the best sites to watch series for if only watching series is what you want.

13. Yesmovies.gg

One of the finest websites available on this planet to watch series online. Be its latest season of GOT or any of the TV series from past, Yesmovies has a separate catalog for the series lover. You just need to select the series category and search for the series you want to play. The best part is the display with thumbnails, that’s what makes selection super easy.

Like other websites, this site makes content more enjoyable by delivering fewer ads and banners. A plus point for sure. The website has been making its presence among the most visited sites to watch the latest series online. I personally loved this platform but I hardly use it.

14. Flixtor.to

Watching the latest series without any registration or any fees is a concrete reality. Flixtor is one such site to stream TV shows & Full-length Episodes of your latest & favorite content online. Unlike most of the sites, Flixtor has clean design without any annoying ads or banners. The website is so much clear that it’s hard to tell whether it’s premium or free. The simple and friendly interface makes it more appealing to watch TV Series online without any registration and signup.

The menu laid at the top let you select TV shows, TV series, Movies using a single click. Once you click on the options, you get all the featured content with a good HD thumbnail. This is by far the best sites to watch TV series online you will find on the internet. The only downfall is that it’s not working in all the countries. As per the new update, Flixtor.io is back again after many crackdowns in recent days.


Q.1 Are these websites are legit and safe to watch series?
Ans. Yes, all the websites which we have listed with links are legal and safe to use.

Q.2 Do I need a VPN or proxy to access these websites?
Ans. Yes, few of the listed websites are for the targetted country audience and need geolocation of that country. You can change your location with a VPN to unleash the entire library.

Q.3 Do I need to have a credit card for watching TV shows?
Ans. Absolutely no. Just signing and start watching. Even many websites don’t even require you to create an account.

Q.4 Can I watch TV shows on websites listed on the table?
Ans. I don’t recommend them as they are not legit. Many free and premium services like Hulu, Netflix, and Hotstar are available. If still interested, please make sure to use a VPN.

All of the sites mentioned above are legal sites that can be viewed by the online viewers of the USA and other parts of the world. I’ll be updating it with many genuine sites where you can actually watch TV shows online for free covering sites having the latest content & shows.

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