10 Best Netflix Orginal Movies Worth Watching

Netflix has been churning out original content at full throttle. Just last year, we saw about 30+ titles hit the digital cinemas that is Netflix; and these don’t even include other content such as TV shows, specials, and documentaries. This means that a lot of the good stuff gets lost in the huge crowd of content because obviously, not all the titles fare well. So how does a movie aficionado like yourself scour out the best ones?

Netflix has been spending millions of dollars in creating nail bitting content. In fact, in the recent survey, people admit that Netflix originals are way better than the content available on their platform.  Well, in this article, we’ve reviewed and rounded up the best Netflix original movies ensuring that we cover a host of genres. If you own a Netflix subscription then any means, do watch these movies and enjoy.

List of Netflix Original Movies You Should Watch

1. The Little Prince

Mark Osborne has done an excellent job of bringing Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s work to the big screen. The Little Prince is not your regular 3D animated movie. It is quite unconventional, replete with poetic elements. The film is narrated beautifully in a frame-tale format, i.e. a story within another story. It surrounds the life of a not-so-happy little girl who is being trained by her mother to deal with the “real world” in a rather calculated manner. One fine day, she meets her quirky, yet tenderhearted neighbor (the “Aviator”).

He acquaints her to a magical world where he himself encountered “The Little Prince”; basically a figment of his imagination. And so begins the young girl’s journey of replevying her childhood. This is a film that not only kids but also adults must watch. One of the top-rated Netflix original movies you can watch on Netflix.

Genre – Animation/Adventure/Fantasy | IMDB Rating – 7.8 | Release Year – 2015

2. Beasts of No Nation

Despite only being a debut film, Beasts of No Nation went onto becoming one of Netflix’s biggest feathers in its “Originals” cap. It not only won a ton of accolades, but also won millions of hearts. It may seem as “bleak” to some, but it a film packed with really powerful performances. Set in a war-torn Western African country, it follows the life of a young boy (Agu) who is left orphaned in the aftermath of a civil war that took away his father and brother, while his mother and younger siblings took off to safety.

He is later found and inducted as a child-soldier by an African warlord (Idris Alba). Will Agu’s life ever return to normalcy? Or will the ghosts of his past haunt him forever? You’ll just have to find out! One of the best original Netflix movies you can watch.

Genre – Drama/War | IMDB Rating – 7.8 | Release Year – 2015

3. Mudbound


Another Netflix original movie that is based on a book, Mudbound gives us viewers a peek into a rather unexplored arena; that of the life after slavery for African Americans. Directed by Dee Rees, this film is about two distinct families – a white family and a black family. The only common factor? They’re both headed by World War II veterans suffering from a PTSD; veterans who’ve now returned to Mississippi to lend their families a hand in farming. From then on, the movie serves as an eye-opener to the racial discrimination present during that period. Be it the visuals, the screenplay, the performances, there’s nothing that we didn’t like! 

Genre – Period Drama | IMDB Rating – 7.5 | Release Year – 2017

4. Okja

Okja is a movie where one moment you’ll find yourself laughing, and the very next moment you’ll be reaching out for some Kleenex. It is a hard-hitting flick permeated with plot twists and shocking revelations about the food industry. The film follows the journey of a young girl called Mija, who spares no effort in rescuing her best friend Okja, a genetically modified ‘super-pig’, from the evil corporate czars. Mija cuts and runs across countries, all the way from her far-flung village in South Korea, just to bring her buddy back home.

As the movie progresses, she encounters the most eccentric characters but eventually manages to outsmart them. Here is an innocent, heart-wrenching story that leaves you with feelings of empathy, respect for friendship, and a great deal of eco-awareness. 

Genre – Adventure/Drama | IMDB Rating – 7.4 | Release Year – 2017

5. The Fundamentals of Caring

Rob Burnett has done complete justice to Jonathan Evison’s “The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving” which was launched way back in 2012. No matter what your preference of genre or style, this movie is surely going to make you feel good at the end of it. The protagonist, Benjamin (Ben) quits writing after facing a personal tragedy, eventually teeing off as a caregiver. His first client, Trevor, has a twisted sense of humor and suffers from muscular dystrophy, making Ben’s job even more challenging.

The two of them set out on a spontaneously planned road-trip filled with silly as well as profound moments, changing Ben’s outlook on life. There’s Paul Rudd, Selena Gomez, and Craig Roberts, what’s not to like?

Genre – Comedy/Drama | IMDB Rating – 7.3 | Release Year – 2016

6. I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore is a classic example of contemporary noir film done right. A nursing assistant by profession, Ruth comes back home from work only to find that someone had broken into her house and had stolen several items which also included her anti-depressants. This incident triggers her and she decides that she’s kept quiet enough; now is the time to take an action.

After being denied help by the police, Ruth turns to her neighbors. Tony, an extremely kooky guy shows immense enthusiasm in wanting to help her dog the footsteps of her burglars. But will they be successful? Or will this be the start of a series of dangerous situations? If dark comedy is your cup of tea, you’re going to enjoy this movie thoroughly. 

Genre – Drama/Comedy/Crime | IMDB Rating – 7.0 | Release Year – 2017

7. The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

First, it was ‘Greenberg’; that was outdone by ‘While We’re Young’, and now, ‘The Meyerowitz Stories’; this has to be my current favorite Noah Baumbach film. This movie depicts the lives of dysfunctional siblings. They unite to celebrate their father’s (also dysfunctional) art and so begins one heck of a laughter ride. What’s more? It features brilliant actors like Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Grace Van Patten, and Dustin Hoffman! Somehow, the film didn’t seem to amass the kind of popularity and appreciation it deserves. Nevertheless, we’ve recommended it to you now so you wouldn’t miss it.

Genre – Comedy/Drama | IMDB Rating – 7.0 | Release Year – 2017

8. Our Souls at Night

How often does it happen that you see a film depicting romance between two elderly people? Based on a novel, Our Souls at Night is a beautiful story about a widow and a widower who’ve been neighbors for years but have never spoken to each other. One day, Addie (the widower), shows up at Louis’ door in an attempt to get to know her neighbor better. What kicks off as a friendly connection ends up evolving into a bond love. How? Watch it to know it! You’ll be enraptured by the sheer charm, sophistication, and sweetness of their story. 

Genre: Drama/Romance | IMDB Rating: 7.0 | Release Year: 2017

9. To the Bone

To the Bone offers a deep perspective on the life of an anorexic. This movie follows the journey of a young woman called Ellen who is struggling with the same issue, along with problems at home to make things even worse. Such people are usually bullied and looked down upon in the society. But fortunately for Ellen, she becomes part of a group that’s looked after by an unconventional doctor. This doctor teaches her to love and accept herself, eventually flipping her life over for the better. Though this may not be the most action-packed movie, it’ll certainly pluck your heartstrings and make you more aware of anorexia nervosa. 

Genre – Psychological drama | IMDB Rating – 6.9 | Release Year – 2017

10. Bright

One of the more recent releases, Bright features the hugely popular Will Smith, who plays the role of Daryl Ward, the first ever LAPD police officer to have partnered with an Orc. Yes, this is a movie in which humans coexist with mythical creatures like Orcs, centaurs, elves, and fairies. In fact, they even fight together with a shared aim, i.e. to track down a weapon for which everybody is ready to die. For an action movie that incorporates fantastical elements, I have to say that David Ayer has done a pretty neat job. It isn’t one of the most highly rated movies but definitely worth watching once. 

Genre – Action/Fantasy/Crime | IMDB Rating – 6.5 | Release Year – 2017

Final Note

You might have noticed that we haven’t included documentaries. That’s because there are way too many of them to be listed; they’re all mostly awesome. If you’re big time into documentaries, do check out ‘Icarus’ and ‘Into the Inferno’. These are the best documentaries you can watch on Netflix. There are lots of other movies you can watch on Netflix.

We hope that you enjoy our recommendations. Do let us know your favorite Netflix original movies in the comment section down below.

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