10 Free Proxy Sites To Unblock Any Website 

Presently, the demand for free proxy sites has become increasingly important due to the exhibition of strict laws that enforces to block various websites in our country or by ISP. Sites like a Kickass torrent, movie streaming, live internet TV and many more are inaccessible. Every time the user wants to browse and surf the internet with full freedom, the government agencies or the law-enforced companies keep an eye on the ongoing of the user’s activities over the internet. So, in order to make your internet browsing safe, secure, and anonymous the user needs to switch for web proxy where they can get a bundle of free proxy sites to unblock the desired websites of their choice and preferences.

What Is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a mediator between the external and internal networks screening all incoming and outgoing traffic. A proxy server has at least five functions which include:

  • As a caching machine, it reduces the network traffic and improves the network performances.
  • Proxy Servers can control traffic both inbound and outbound.
  • Proxy Servers can keep track of all traffic both outgoing and incoming.
  • Lastly, it can be set up to bypass the firewall.
  • A proxy server acts as an agent on behalf of its client. In another way, when the client makes a request to a web server which means the proxy server uses its own IP address to replace its client’s IP address.

how proxy server works

List of Popular Free Proxy Sites Available

1. FilterByPass

The FilterByPass website considered being the topmost using free proxy websites which seeks to offer safe and a secure connection for all users across the globe. This website is running successfully since years where thousands of users get free access to unblock their desired websites according to their choice and preferences. With this website, the user can securely access their social platforms like Twitter, Facebook with anonymous browsing. It thus provides you with a fast networking service where it can instantly enable and disable the network setting of the user’s choice.

2. Zalmos Proxy

The best part of this website is that it cost you nothing and it gives you free, safe, and high security browsing with unlimited access. With this proxy site, you can now change the location of your IP address which can thus protect your location online. It offers you several free servers to choose according to your needs and preferences.

3. Hide.me Proxy

This website helps you to manage and customize the network setting in a hassle-free way from any part of the world. They seek to offer anonymous, safe, and secure browsing where you can access the restricted web content by bypassing the filters accordingly. In addition to this, the users can now enjoy unrestricted browsing with the precautionary measures. Along with this, it will also control or encrypt online traffic with complete privacy.

4. KProxy

With its cool and additional features, it makes the entire website unique and challenging than the other websites available on the internet. It seeks to offer efficient browsing where you can hide your IP address, personal data, and your ongoing activities on the internet. It will in a way give you better protection where you can switch to various websites of your choice, need, and preferences.

5. AnonyMouse

The AnonyMouse proxy website is running over the internet with succession since 1997. It seeks to offer to protect your data, protect your privacy, and protect your browsing for free. It will hide exactly what you want from the government agencies and other law-enforced companies. On the other way, the user can download and upload large files at the same time with a high-speed internet connection.

6. Whoer.net

This proxy website works instantly which let you change your IP address with an instant click. In addition to this, this proxy websites also offer to check your internet connection speed which will help to set and browse your work and files accordingly. You can opt for both manual and automatic setting from various available servers across the globe.

7. 4everproxy

This website considered to offer free web proxy to unblock everything when you are restricted to perform your desired work of choice. You can now launch your YouTube videos by securing your network connection with this unique website. It provides you with intense security browsing which gives you a better experience in exploring the unexplored. Thus, in a way, it enhances your browsing experience with their friendly features.

8. BlewPass

This website is compatible for every user with no restriction to bandwidth. The user can easily hide their IP address, personal data, and browsing record from the government agencies or from the law-enforced companies. It gives you complete privacy with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer). It gives you a layer of protection while browsing those restricted websites.

9. Megaproxy

Megaproxy gives you anonymous surfing with unlimited benefit and features. It offers you with user-configurable privacy and web security preferences and also the usage of HTTP ‘POST’ is disabled. It also enables to hide the user identification by bypassing the user’s authentication details. The only glitch that it holds is the frequent pop-up ads which tend to be very irritating at times.

10. Zend2

This website also works in the same way by hiding all your identification details of your IP address and your geographical location of your given server. This has immensely increased the popularity among the users across the globe. It thus comes with cool features which deliver its customer satisfactory result in fast internet browsing. It in fact seamlessly bypasses any filter and unblocks any website.

How It’s Different From VPN?

Proxy Server and VPN both act differently in terms of how they work their protocols, security and privacy, and many other things in consideration. With VPN it can be configured at the system level so that all traffic goes through the VPN and encrypted connections. So, a VPN can be used with any app like while playing any game or streaming music or while doing file sharing. With the proxy server, on the other hand, it can be configured at the individual app level so the user needs to go to the individual setting for some software and put in the proxy connection setting and then it will only connect through that software whereas everything else will be on affected. Also, VPN is more secure than Proxy.

How To Use Proxy Servers IP?

Want to surf your internet browsing without any unwanted restrictions? Let’s find out how to bypass these restrictions with the use of this beneficial service for every user.

  1. Firstly, open your Internet Explorer web browser.
  2. Secondly, switch to the internet options menu.
  3. Thirdly, click on the LAN setting option.
  4. Fourthly, click on the enable option from the proxy setting box.

Next, in order to connect to your desired connection, you need to input the IP address and also the port number to continue with the process. Now, click OK to save this entire process of proxy setting with the ‘save option’. Finally, you are ready to go to test the connection by entering the web address of the server you wish to browse for.

 Ending With

With this given free proxy websites on the internet, you can now change the location of your IP address which can thus protect your location online. It offers you with several free servers to choose according to your needs and preferences. In another way, if you are on a certain Wi-Fi network that blocks out websites it gives you quick access to it by unblocking that specific website of your choice. It thus gives you surfing securely and privately, dedicated server for fast streaming, and make you able to stay anonymous.

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