How Many People Can Watch Hulu At The Same Time

How many streams on hulu? How many screens simultaneously on Hulu? Is Hulu  right for me? Cord cutters often look for streaming services like Netflix that allow multiple streams. You’re probably here for the same reason and we understand why. To begin with, none of us like to spend lavishly on entertainment. Secondly, whether you like to admit it or not, everyone seeks to get more for less. Luckily for us, some of the subscription-based VOD services do have features that permit more than one user to stream simultaneously using the same platform.

If you’ve ever used Apple’s Family Sharing feature, you’ll know how great it is to be able to pay for one iTunes account and have your entire family share your iTunes and App Store purchases. In essence, the ability to stream across devices at once saves people tons of money. Moreover, having a couple of streaming accounts under the same roof is like having multiple Cable TV subscriptions, which does not make any sense.

As a Hulu subscriber, you must be wondering whether its possible to watch content using just one account concurrently. If so, you’re on the right page. Find, how many screens you can watch Hulu.

How Many Simultaneous Screens Available on Hulu?

To address your question, Hulu’s subscription plans allow users to watch only on a single screen at a time even though you can link more than device to your account. As you may already be aware, Hulu now has two major plans, one that features video-on-demand and is free of commercials and the other that’s a bit costlier but equips you to stream a slew of channels live, as they’re being aired. However, it lacks a plan that offers multiple streams, putting a stopper on account sharing.

So for example, if you’re a Hulu subscriber who’s currently watching Family Guy but your sibling would like to enjoy an episode of Seinfeld at the same time, Hulu’s official plan doesn’t make it possible to please two people sharing one account.

Disheartened? Don’t be! Here’s a Little Plot Twist

We ran an experiment to see. And guess what? We were able to stream simultaneously on two devices without any lags or interruptions. Check out the below image, watching simultaneously on iphone 6s Plus and laptop.

Yes, you can watch Hulu on two screens simultaneously. This is how we were watching on our mobile and laptop.

multiple streams on hulu

2 Screens on Hulu

However, as we attempted to watch Hulu on a third device, a warning popped up saying “too many streams in operation”.

Hulu warning for streaming too many stream

3 Device error

Even though Hulu approves only one stream at a time on paper, we’re sure that their system has some latitude built into it or else we’d have received an error for multiple streaming.

So if you want to stream on two screens at a time, this is your silver lining. Nonetheless, you can go ahead and try streaming on more than 2 devices as well. Many people have claimed to have succeeded doing that. You could be lucky too but if it doesn’t work, Hulu can’t do much to help you officially.

Another Hulu High Point

 In case you didn’t know, last year in December, Hulu revealed that users can create up to 6 profiles to watch content as per their tastes and preferences. What this implies is that up to six people can make a separate profile using one account and Hulu will store each person’s viewing history and Watchlist for a more personalized experience. Although these six individuals will not be able to watch Hulu at once on different streaming players, they could definitely share the account to watch whenever others aren’t.

For example, if your classmate isn’t subscribed to Hulu but requests you to allow him/her to use your account to catch up on ‘Casual’, you can share your user name and password and they’ll be able to enjoy the content too.

But, There’s Always a but!

Creating up to 6 profiles on Hulu is official and there’s no restrictions on the number of devices you could connect to Hulu. But did you know that if you try sharing your password recklessly, with multiple people, you could actually be committing a Federal Crime!

So enjoy streaming on two screens and up to six profiles on your account but be careful about password sharing. Also, you don’t want people misusing your account information.

Hope this helps. Do share if you enjoyed this secret.

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