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Mobdro online TV app has insanely gained popularity around the world. The fact which has given this app a surge is a quality of streaming it provides. We have lived our life around TV. Watching premium channels in the US is now more of a luxury than a commodity, owing to the whooping charges levied by cable providers. For US $40 a month, you get a base package of about 50 channels, most of which are ones you don’t even watch.

For US$55 a month, you get 190 channels, which seems like a bumper bargain but on perusing the channel catalogue you realise major channels like HBO are not included. You can’t watch Game of Thrones even after paying $55. It hurts when you pay a hefty sum and don’t find what you actually looking for.

People are often confused between cable/satellite TV and often tends to pay more. It’s better to go for VOD then paying a good sum for channels you don’t watch. So, today we’ll share a live app that lets you stream all the top channels you always wanted to watch on your television.

Mobdro Online App For Streaming All Top Networks

Enter Mobdro Online TV, your one stop shop for all cable TV channels. Mobdro TV App is an application that crawls the web for the latest video streams and provides them to you live, for FREE! It works on a simple principle of ‘learning your habits’. As you watch shows, games and movies, it populates streams of similar nature for you.

It is a live TV app, meaning it works just like your cable TV, showing you movies and shows that are playing at the moment. Mobdro Online TV can be enjoyed on your mobile device, tablet, laptop or television! As you watch shows, games and movies, it populates streams of similar nature for you.

Mobdro Online TV Subscription

They have two versions, the freemium and the premium. Before you think this is a catch, and Mobdro like every other platform, is going to squeeze money off you, let me tell you, both versions provide you video streams for free.

The premium account gets rid of ads, have chrome cast support and offline mode. Apart from these differences, the freemium and premium accounts are the same and allow you to watch the same number of channels. Now relax.

Can you imagine not missing another Modern Family episode? With Mobdro, this is no more a dream. Mobdro online TV app is available on Android devices, smart TVs, and on iOS devices.

Mobdro How To’s Feature

1. Download, Install, Enjoy

Let us start with the basics, getting your hands on the app. Downloading Mobdro TV App is easy as running a hot knife through butter, and is absolutely free. You can get their installation file by navigating to their official site. Download the installation file and then enjoy your favorite TV shows by installing it. It’s that simple.

Download App

2. Navigating Around The App

If you have downloaded the app, you will already know how easy it is to manoeuvre around the interface. The homepage is divided into categories, namely channels, news, shows, movies, sports, music, gaming, animals, tech, podcasts, spiritual and others. Each category hosts channels that are in the respective genre. You click on any category that then populates your feed with top picks that change as the app learns your preferences.

3. Using the App

I want to mention, again, that this is not a repository for movies and shows like YouTube or ‘watchshowsonline’ websites. It is a free, installable, cable TV program. What you watch on Mobdro is what is actually streaming on channels at that moment.  To use the app, you click one of the categories provided, which then lists all channels that come under that category. For example:

3.1 Channels

Gives you a list of all existing channels, like History, ABC, TLC, etc. On clicking, you can enjoy shows or movies that are being played on that channel. The rest of the categories on the homepage are basically all channels subdivided by genre. For example:

3.1.1 Sports

Displays only sports related channels like ESPN, MUTV etc. The search button is the ultimate spot for those without patience like me. Just type in the channel you’re looking for and let the app search the web to find it and give it you.

4. Added Features

Apart from watching shows, Mobdro also gives you these added features:

  • Share: You can share links to your favourite shows, movies and on-going sporting events over social media or mail, to your friends so they can enjoy them as well.
  • Download:  Movies and shows can easily be recorded for future viewing, with Mobdro. Click the download option and set the time for when you want the recording to begin. Mobdro automatically starts recording and then downloads a copy of the video on your device for you to watch at your convenience.
  • Favourite: You can mark channels as ‘Favourite’ so Mobdro ‘learns’ what you like and can then display similar channels.

Why Pick Mobdro Online TV App?

Mobdro is a downloadable cable TV application. This essentially means Mobdro gives you access to TV and movie channels that you can enjoy, for free, on your mobile device, tablet or television.

Mobdro Online TV does not work on the basis of ‘packages’, like conventional cable TV providers. Cable TV providers across US and UK charge based on channel combinations. Even after paying hefty amounts, you end up with basic channels. For popular channels, you need to pay much higher fees, which becomes a burden on your wallet.

Mobdro online App gives you access to ALL channels under one roof and categorises them by genres for your ease of use. As you watch shows and movies, Mobdro learns your favourites and displays them on your app’s homepage.

So you installed the app, played around with the interface and are now enjoying your favourite TV shows and movies without the hassle of having to go through an annoying cable service provider. Good for you, life is supposed to be this easy!

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