10 Free Websites To Read Manga Online For Free

Manga, are comics or animations that originated in Japan, but are enjoyed all over the world. Anime shows like Naruto and One Punch Man, that follow the comic book’s storyline, are major hits in the US, Asia and Europe. Every anime fans like reading manga online but not many are aware of the best place to read manga online.

Buying Manga comics can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, sometimes due to cost and most times due to unavailability. Manga’s are popular among anime community and people are keen enough to get hands on the latest versions as soon as possible.

Earlier we did an article on anime streaming sites and websites to download anime. To continue the anime legacy, we are here we a new article on Manga. In this article, we are listing 10 great websites for you to read Manga online. Reading manga made easy. All you need is an internet connection and PC or mobile.

Read Manga Online With These Free Manga Sites


We start off with Mangaonline. It’s a brilliant site for all Manga lovers to enjoy Manga comics. A simple website with a user-friendly interface, it works without creating an extra pop up ads that are a nuisance with other sites. You will find sponsored ads on the site but once you learn to ignore them, you will really like this website.

Reading Manga comics is made very simple, click on one of their featured comics or search for a comic you like. Pick the chapter and it opens on the same browser (very few websites do this). You can also bookmark comics, but you may have to sign up to their website first.


TeamOSmash ‘welcome you to the crazy worlds of otakus’. Otaku Smash has an extremely organised website for you to enjoy Manga comics on. Their comics are subdivided into Top 50 Manga, Top 100 Action, Adventure Manga, Top 50 Sci-Fi Manga, and so on, allowing you to make an easy choice.

You can pick comics via the categories or search for something specific through the search bar. In addition, you can browse through various Manga related segments like Fan Art, Do It Yourself art, Otaku Memes and more! This is one fun website for Manga lovers to read manga online.


Manga Park is the next choice on our list to read manga online. They have a massive database of Manga comics so you can be sure to find your favourites here. What is most convenient is their ‘Genres’ section, which is broken down over 40 sections, some as simple as Drama and Comedy and some more focused as Cooking and Tragedy.

Reading manga comics is extremely simple. Click on the comic, find the chapter and enjoy your favourite Manga comic.


The next website on our list is mangakakalot. The Kakalot probably is a catchy spin on the character ‘Kakarot’ from Dragon Ball Z. You have a giant selection of Manga comics to pick from, and for those who are perplexed about which comics to read, MangaKakalot provides suggestions through Popular and Most Watched tabs.

A fully functional search bar makes it easy to find comics. A regularly updated ‘news’ section brings to you, information about Anime and Manga events like comic cons, cosplay festivals etc from around the world.
Once you have found your desired comic, look for the chapter and enjoy the comic.

Note: People who are confused between Manga & Anime should check the below video.


Next on our list of websites to read Manga online is Ten Manga. A little less organised than our previous picks but a great site for Manga comics nonetheless. Through their search bar, you can access their huge collection of Manga comics.

Comics work by way of slides. Once you have picked a comic and a chapter, you can read it by ‘flipping’ through pages that work as slides. Ten Manga does not create annoying pop-ups which is a relief.


Batoto, reachable at, is the next site we have picked for reading Manga comics online. This site seems a little unorganised, as compared to most of our other picks, but their range of comics is large. Batoto also has exclusively licensed titles that you might not find on other websites.

Reading comics is simple and happens on one web page, which keeps reading on a website an uncluttered experience. You can search for comics or pick one of their suggestions, select the chapter and get to reading!
Batoto also hosts an active forum where Manga fans post their thoughts, suggestions or have friendly arguments about who is stronger, Goku or Vegeta!


Our next pick is, a website with an endless repository of Manga comics. This website makes finding Manga comics a breeze, with a fully equipped search bar and categories. Once your find the comic your desire, you can pick a particular chapter and enjoy the comic.

One drawback of Manga Freak is the number of advertisements and pop ups that launch with clicks.

8. ZingBox

Zing Box, reachable at, is the next pick on our list. With its neatly arranged interface, Zing Box is a delightful website to read Manga online. Zing Box is also available as an app for Android and iOS, so you can now enjoy your favourite Manga comics on the fly!

With no unnecessary pop-ups, reading comics is simple as searching for your pick or selecting one from their suggestions, navigating to the correct chapter and then enjoying the comic!


Kissmanga is our next pick. They have a large selection of Manga comics on their easy to navigate website. With their ‘Latest Update’ tab, it is easy to keep track of new releases. You can search or select suggested Manga comics and read them on the website.

Kiss Manga also hosts Anime shows, so apart from reading comics, you can now watch Manga shows! They also host an active forum and have a separate ‘Request Manga’ section, where you can request the guys at Kiss Manga to get desired comics or lost chapters.


The final website on our list is Taadd. There are thousands of comics to choose from on TAADD and reading comics is made very simple. You can pick based on popular or most viewed comics, or just search alphabetically till you land on your choice. Select a comic, pick a chapter and enjoy Manga!


There you go, 10 wonderful websites to enjoy & read manga online. Let us know what your favourite portals are, so we can feature them. Also, don’t forget to check our anime section for more such articles.

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