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Netflix, an American entertainment company specializes in media streaming and online video-on-demand and in providing DVD by mail. Currently expanded into film and television production, Netflix is now holding a tremendous collection of film and television series with millions of subscribers worldwide.

The number of people who can watch Netflix simultaneously from one account totally depends on the type of account and its subscriptions after successful Netflix membership.

Netflix Subscriptions & Screens

[mks_highlight color=”#dd5d5d”]A user can have up to six devices registered to his/her account after getting an active membership on Netflix.[/mks_highlight] Netflix holds three kinds of subscriptions namely, Basic subscription, Standard subscription, and Premium subscription along with its membership for accessing multiple screens on a device simultaneously.

Each subscription allows their customers to watch film and television series on their respective laptop, TV, phone, and tablet. They have unlimited access to all of their television shows and movies which they can watch or cancel anytime as per their convenience.

Netflix Price & Screens Per Plan


1. In Basic subscription, one needs to pay $7.99 a month and can watch Netflix on one screen only. Basic subscription doesn’t allow HD and ultra HD modes of watching videos to their subscribers.

2. In Standard subscription, one needs to pay $10.99 a month and can watch Netflix on two screens at the same time. The standard subscription allows HD mode of watching videos but restricts their subscribers to watch in ultra HD mode.

3. In Premium subscription, one needs to pay $13.99 a month and can watch Netflix on four screens at the same time. Standard subscription provides all their existing services to their subscribers including watching videos in HD and ultra HD modes also.

Netflix also provides a first-month-free trial to all the members who register and get membership on Netflix. All the subscription-only differ in terms of the quality of videos offered to them without any compromise in access to any television or movie series thereby satisfying user’s convenience at ease.

Netflix versus Hulu

Among all the online streaming options available nowadays, Netflix and Hulu are getting most preference among all in terms of their content and subscriptions but Netflix has managed its best in terms of its service. Hulu focuses on TV shows and their current seasons whereas Netflix manages to offer original movies, series, and a hell of content.

Unlike supporting multiple screen-sharing options offered by Netflix depending on the type of subscription, Hulu doesn’t support multiple screens officially and comes with two subscriptions only, Basic subscription of $7.99 per month called Hulu plus and ad-free subscription of $11.99. Hulu doesn’t come with Multiple screens, while unlimited screen Hulu live cost around $13.99/month. But Hulu Live TV is totally a different service and pricing is spot on, no question about that.

Netflix has no concerns about ads and is completely ad-free in all its subscriptions. Netflix supports ultra HD video quality whereas Hulu manages to offer 720p HD quality only.

Netflix Profile & Password Sharing

Netflix offers multiple profile features for each account. One can create up to five Netflix profiles on one account and keep their watching habits separate within a circle without compromising. Netflix has no issues with password sharing and doesn’t restrict the use of IP address and has ensured an ease of sharing the password with others. Netflix has clearly designed itself to make entertainment available for all with ease.


Netflix has clearly made its mark with its warehouse of TV shows and movies and all its dynamic features. Allowing multiple screen sharing property is clearly one of its pre-eminent property for attracting millions of subscribers.

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